Culture of Thailand

Culture of Thailand

The culture of Thailand has been greatly influenced by Buddhism. But there have been dominating influences of Hinduism as well as influences from its neighboring nations of Myanmar and Laos. Chinese and Indian culture has also had influences on the Thai culture and cuisine.

Arts and Crafts of Thailand

Traditional visual arts in Thailand bear a great influence of Buddhism but contemporary Thai art is a combination of the modern techniques along with the traditional styles. Thai literature is influenced by Indian culture. Crafts include textiles and decorative items that bear the distinct Thai style.



Architecture of Thailand 

Classical Thai architecture is found in the temples and royal palace buildings and the best examples of Thai architecture are the Grand Palace, the Wat Benchamabophit, Wat suthat to name a few.



Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is extremely popular due to the blending of the four fundamental tastes of saltiness, sourness, spiciness and sweetness. Most of the dishes combine all of these along with innumerable spices and herbs to prepare Thai dishes.



Music and Dance in Thailand

Music consists of both the folk music and also the classical traditions along with pop or string music. The Ram Thai is the main art form while the dance forms can be divided into the high art or classical dance and low art or folk dance. Thai dance can be divided into 3 forms namely khon, likay-khon and lakhon.



Religion in Thailand

Thailand is predominantly a Theravada Buddhist country but there are minorities like the Phra Nyanasamvara Suvaddhana Mahathera and Muslims as well.




Thai Customs and Traditions

The most distinctive Thai custom is the Wai that bears resemblance to the Indian namaste which is a demonstration of affection among people. It is considered rude to put the feet above someone’s head or step on a Thai coin as it has the King’s head engraved upon it.



Thailand Hill Tribes (Akha, Karens, Lahu, Lisu, Meo, Yao)

The tribes of the Akha, Karen, Hmong, Yao, Lisu had migrated to Thailand about a 100 years back from the southern part of China and Myanmar and they have their own religion, art, culture and dress.



Fashion in Thailand

Thailand is a land where the latest styles and traditional crafts have been well blended and there is some thing for every buyer irrespective of their budget.




Thai Etiquette

Thai etiquette is based on traditions of Buddhism. The society is non- confrontational in nature and so disputes need to be averted at all costs. Thai people stress on proper behavior and dress. Revealing clothes and behaving rudely in public needs to be avoided at all costs.



Muay Thai

Muay Thai is to Thais what baseball is to Americans. It is said that only in their sport can you kick and use your elbows and knees in such dexterity.
In Thailand, one can see youngsters practicing their kicks and knees whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Almost every male there learns the basic fundamentals of this boxing sport. Even in the ancient days, Thailand kings and princes indulged in the sport.