About See My Thailand

About See My Thailand

See My Thailand has been serving Asian and American travelers ever since 2003. We are a Thai tour operator located in Los Angeles. Specialized in group and customized individual tour to Thailand and South East Asia. More than 10,000 clients have declared that See My Thailand Tours have surpassed their expectations.

Our Philosophy
Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and authentic cultural experience. We want our guests to learn, feel and experience as the locals do. After all, we’re in this business because we’re travel enthusiasts ourselves; we understand that travel should be about learning and enjoying different cultures first hand. Of course, traveling in comfort and style is important as well.

Our Inclusions
While each country is different, each itinerary features a standard set of inclusions. We include four and five star hotels where our guests can enjoy the ultimate local comforts. All of our itineraries include carefully selected meals. It is attention to these details which make the entire experience enjoyable.

Our Exclusions
Traveling with us means you won’t need to worry about tourist traps. Your vacation is valuable, why gamble with it by traveling with an unfamiliar travel vendor who may squander hours of your precious time? Avoid the ostensible “local” shops and enjoy browsing native shops on your own terms.

Our Reputation
At See My Thailand we offer a service we are genuinely proud of to an esteemed and savvy clientele. Our loyal customers continuously reassure us that our services surpass their highest expectations because we are trustworthy and our itineraries are organized, thoughtful, and creative. 80% of our business has been cultivated from word-of-mouth referrals, reassuring you that we abide by high quality standards.

Our Mission

At See My Thailand, all these factors tie into our mission: to provide a happy travel experience for you, our clients![/two_third]

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